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I’m reading a biography on John Henry Newman and discovering his awesomeness of the written words. Before his conversion to Catholicism from Protestantism, he wrote in regards to Christian apologetics (1825):

“The rejection of Christianity to arise from a fault of the heart, not of the intellect, for a dislike of the contents of ScrIpture is at the bottom of unbelief: Hence the most powerful arguments for Christianity do not convince, only silence; for there is at the bottom that secret antipathy for the doctrines of Christianity, which is quite out of the reach of argument.”

Also, I was reading about how Newman was greatly influenced by various fellows in his education and pastoral ministry. In a turn of his Evangelicalism, he was reminded that Christians are not two different kinds:  those who are in name only versus those who are “true” Christians. Rather, just as St. Paul never distinguished between Christians who act like it and those who call themselves such, so preachers should not either. It is OK to rebuke the bad actions of people. It is not OK to assume that bad behavior makes one less a Christian than another, even if the action is scandalous to the faith.

This last piece is the part I have to work on most. I must always remember: Christians do not vary by kind, only by degree.


Written by Written Straw

August 4, 2012 at 11:27 am

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