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Happy Feast Day of St. Joseph—one of my favorite saints!  I know my updates have been slow on WordPress. School and work have been vigorously consuming my time this semester, but my heart is always pondering on what I should be noting in my meanderings. It’s a little upsetting for me, because it’s Lent, and writing my thoughts out during this rich time is sort of like the heart beating in my chest. I have to do it, but there are so many hours in a day.  I take comfort knowing that when my semester is done, there will be time to reflect. In the meantime, sorry this post isn’t more reflective than updating.

So much is going on. At the moment, I have four papers to write within the next month or so (two within in the next two weeks). I will have travelled four of the seven weeks of Lent to Michigan (twice), New York, Florida, and California. I don’t mind the travel. I hate the plane rides for two reasons: one, I always feel fatter when I fly because of the small seats and two, I hate the anticipation of landing. A recent flight to Detroit via Chicago was the worst plane landing I ever experienced. Everyone was nervous and holding on to the seat in front of them while winds tossed the plane about like a toy and we landed rather violently and with a loud “boom” from the wheels hitting the ground hard. (I never prayed “I claim protection by the blood of the Lamb” so many times yet in my life.)

On the upside, I get a lot of reading done during the flight time.

I am happy to announce that I— and I worked on his annulment petition and have the draft of it done. It was all of his doing, but I typed it as he spoke it. I figured that might be the only way it got completed. I pray that my eagerness for him to get the draft to the priest isn’t offsetting for him. Finally, it’s like a glimpse at the light at the end of the tunnel! And I pray that his application goes smoothly, with no resentments or retaliations from his ex-spouse. Hearing him recollect events really makes me pray for her, that she finds peace. And I pray for I—, too, that he heals from his past experiences through this process. I know he’s doing it to open up opportunity for us in the future, but it really is about him, not me. I just have to remember that.

Two of my shorter paper assignments involve reflections on scripture and, after briefly exegetically explaining them, discuss how they pertain to today’s society, right now.  (Basically, a homily, but since I’m laity I can’t really call it that.) I plan to review my past posts in this blog to derive my reflections. Something calls me to focus at least one paper on a less popular passage, that is, one that is lesser known or understood. I am thinking about the Transfiguration (Mark 9), because it’s confusing somewhat to me in its purpose and by writing about it, I’m inclined to understand it better.

St. Joseph, ora pro nobis.

Written by Written Straw

March 19, 2012 at 11:16 am

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