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So a year and two days ago, I posted my New Year’s resolutions and focused on “finishing the race.” Here’s my assessment and new ones for 2012.

The list I posted:

  • Adhere more strictly to my diet. Didn’t happen like I imagined. Added to the 2012 list.
  • Start a  trend of fasting every First Friday. I held quick to this resolution for January and February, but by March, I believe, I had completely forgotten about the fasting part. Perhaps this was a little too ambitious? Maybe I will add some other trend of performing an act of penance (abstinence from meat, almsgiving, etc.) on every Friday instead.
  • Spend an hour of Eucharistic Adoration on First Fridays. Again, I was true to this cause for the first couple of months. My relocation to Houston, however, took me away from close proximity to the Eucharist, literally and metaphorically speaking. I will have to correct this in 2012.
  • Commit to at least five (different) novenae throughout the year. I think I might have worked on three: St. Thomas, St. Joseph, and St. Blaise.
  • Pass my Adult ESL student onto the next level. I was satisfied that this was accomplished, however, the “next level” is contingent upon their own motivation to keep at it. What I didn’t realize was how much I would miss them by moving.
  • Pay off a credit card.  I did do this, but the lack of payment didn’t last long, as September was brutal (transmission had to be rebuilt, school textbooks had to be ordered, etc.)  Frankly, I think having a healthy debt is ok and helps credit as long as it’s paid on generously. I don’t know that I’ll keep this as a goal in 2012 since I don’t think it will realistically happen, nor be a priority.
  • Move home to Houston (including a new job). I am home in Houston and loving every second of it. I also have a new job which I’m quite satisfied with and hope that my employer is equally satisfied with me.
  • Return to graduate school for Theology. Done and in progress.
  • Resolve the mystery of my dog’s UTI. I don’t know that it was truly resolved, but it hasn’t recurred since early 2011. He kept forming urine crystals in his bladder, which would block his urethra. Painful, poor pup, but he’s doing great, now, only dealing with old-age arthritis and grumpiness.
  • See my sister and niece and possibly brother(s). I got to visit my sister and niece on a business trip in May. I didn’t see my brothers, though I came close when I was traveling to San Francisco in July. I am going to attempt to see one of them in Colorado in January, weather permitting, and I am planning a family vacation in early June (after school’s out) for visiting my sister again.
  • Meet at least three new people. Since I’m in school and started a new job, I think this was fulfilled sevenfold.
  • Improve someone else’s lot in life, even if just a little. I’m working on it. . . and who knows, maybe I did and didn’t even know it.
  • When I move, find a ministry to be involved with and/or a volunteer project. Hasn’t happened, much to my disappointment. Time escapes me between work and school. Of course, I did add Scripture Study to my weekly routine.
  • Finish three books, of my own choosing. I finished lots of books, but not of my own choosing. I have about five lined up, though.
  • Cheer on my playoff, Super Bowl-bound Houston Texans in 2011-12. Well, call me a psychic. They may not be headed to the Super Bowl (yet), but they are in the playoffs.  I think I’ll keep this resolution for 2012-13.

Overall, I think I had much success despite losing ground on some resolutions. My life has a completely different landscape today and one that I am in a position to influence much more than a year ago.  Here’s my resolutions/bucket list, aside from those I renewed above, for 2012:

  • Drop 40 lbs (At least enough to look better in a bathing suit.)
  • Volunteer in the summer
  • Go fishing
  • Do a better job at keeping up with haircuts (The time just flies, as I mentioned.)
  • Attend a training camp for the Texans
  • Get better organized at managing projects
  • Read the Gospel of John (I’m taking a course in the Spring on the Synoptics, but John is very rich in metaphor. I want desperately to study it!)
  • Help out in any way I can at the parish, or in the diocese
  • Stay in better touch with my friends, especially those who are back in Austin
  • Focus on hope

Happy New Year!


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December 30, 2011 at 11:08 am

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  1. “Improve someone else’s lot in life, even if just a little. I’m working on it. . . and who knows, maybe I did and didn’t even know it.”—

    You have improved mine, for sure.


    December 30, 2011 at 11:34 am

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