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‘Know, God, I much I love you.’

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I was reading the news story last week about the tornadic activity in the US. In one state, a Catholic church was decimated. It’s hard not to be desensitized about all of the death and destruction going on, but as I read the story about the church being destroyed, I began to cry a little at the priest’s words.

The priest was a 70-something year old man who had managed to get into the bathroom of his personal quarters and into the tub when the tornado came into town. As he crouched in the tub, he recalled that he said, “If this is my time, know, God, how much I love you.”

I can’t say if he was fearful or not, but his genuine love for God touched my heart incredibly. That’s the kind of love of God that we can only hope that all of our priests have. That his last thoughts would be about God and also in his “heroic minutes.”

Saint John Vianney, patron saint of priests, often prayed for  his own suffering for the sake of the conversion of the people in his parish, even if it meant his death. Christ is the first among all priests, dying for the love of people, for the love of God.

How I pray that when my hour comes, these would be my last words, thoughts.


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June 7, 2011 at 10:24 am

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