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I’ve never been a person for hoopla

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I’m about a week away from moving home after an 11-year absence. It’s slowly starting to hit me and I am concentrating on how to make this departure a good thing, despite the emotions of those I leave behind.

My boss already has the farewell party planned at the office but she hasn’t yet sent out the invite officially. I’m not sure how I will handle all the congratulations I will get because I’ve never been a person for hoopla. Nevertheless, I’m grateful for all those well-wishers, even if some only come for the pastries. 

In the meantime, I’ve been documenting and training coworkers how to fill in gaps that I will leave. I’ve been packing boxes in the evening, though I feel like I’m not doing enough. All of this week and next, I’ll be saying goodbyes to personal friends and acquaintances. It’s not as if I won’t see them again, but they will feel like a million miles away soon. And experience demonstrates that distance contributes significantly to losing touch.

I drive around town, thinking to myself that this will soon be the last time I see x or do y. I wonder how hard I will cry when it really is time to leave. And somewhere, deep down, I am not sure if I will cry at all. As I often say, this town was never home to me. I will only be sad over memories with people, not over any nostalgia for the city. Except, perhaps, for the abundant and accessible blueblonnets in the spring.


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March 23, 2011 at 2:48 pm

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