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All Clear in First Instance Court

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I received a notification a week ago about the affirmative decision regarding my petition for the annulment of my previous marriage. Though it is not yet confirmed, as it must be rubber-stamped by a second court, this is very good news.

When I got the news, I could barely open it. A large part of my future inner peace sort of rested on this decision. I didn’t wait to open it, though. I read it while sitting in my truck and immediately, tears of thanksgiving and humility welled in my eyes.

The first thing I wanted to do was to run to the Adoration Chapel and give thanksgiving to God, but I had to run to teach my class.  I planned to go the following day, but I had to run downtown for my weekly scripture study. I want to go today, but I have a previous engagement at my church to attend. It’s very frustrating, but I promise I will make it there this weekend.

I sent a quick message to my ex-husband letting him know and kindly thanking him for his help with it. I’m sure he’ll get his letter, too. I was very lucky to have an ex-husband who didn’t protest.

There is, though, a still voice in my head that says it’s over. It is sad in a way, but this is something I worked and prayed very hard for. I know this doesn’t deny that the marriage took place, but there is this amazing liberation in knowing that the I am free to pursue this sacrament, should the opportunity ever arise.

Yet again, Christ puts mercy in one hand while I have a burden in the other.

Written by Written Straw

October 18, 2010 at 10:07 pm

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