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Goodbye, Uncle C

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Last weekend, one of my maternal uncles passed away.  He was a “legend” of a high school football coach and that probably explains my fanaticism with the sport, i.e., it runs in the family bloodline.  I was never close to this man, especially not after the death of my mother in 1987.  But it was apparent to me that though he was a man of few words with me, he loved his family very much and was passionate about his coaching. His wife was his sweetheart. I am most sad for her loss.

I am glad that was he able to be surrounded by most of his family when he passed. I hope that loved ones are waiting for him on the other side.  It’s touching to see all of the community outpouring of support for his family. I pray for the repose of his soul.

The evening before he died, I know I was briefly on his mind. I had run into a boardmember for the school district for which he worked.  The boardmember and I got to talking about him and his coaching legacy and the boardmember assured me that he would pass on my greetings when he saw my uncle later that evening.  It was actually the boardmember who informed me of my uncle’s trip to the emergency room the following day, although he mentioned that he had talked to him about our conversation.  It was very serendipitous, but I still get this sense that I had my chance, too, to say goodbye.


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October 3, 2010 at 8:41 pm

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