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Just a quick jot-down of an anecdote Fr. John Kim was explaining in regards to the study of Luke 13 and the “who will get saved?” question:

“I was approached by a young man who could obviously tell I was a Catholic priest.  He said to me, ‘Father, I used to be Catholic when I was young man, but I was put off by the [Catholic] Church’s nonconformity with contemporary life.  There were too many rules and it’s just too difficult to be Catholic.  It’s not user-friendly.’  And he went on to list his grievances with the Church.  I replied to him, ‘You’re right.  The Church is not very user-friendly.  It is very difficult to be Catholic.  But ‘user-friendly’ implies that it should conform to life and be life-friendly.  It is not life-friendly, it is Christ-friendly.  And if in the end of times, I am to be judged by whether I was friendly to life or friendly to Christ, I would rather choose Christ-friendly.'”

I will write more about my reaction to Luke 13 after I listen and reflect on Luke 14 this coming week.  Luke 13 obviously tells us that the belief in Christ is not enough to save you eternally.  Jesus plainly says to those who claim that “they ate with him while He taught in their streets” that “I do not know you.”  Luke 14 tells us how to be saved. . . how to really comprehend what  Jesus was teaching, not just knowing His name.


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August 27, 2010 at 8:46 am

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