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Reflections on Pentecost

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Pentecost by Nora Kelly

As much as I’d like to deny it, I have somehow caught whatever is going around.  Normally, I would just take NyQuil or whatever elixir suited the symptoms and sweat it out over a few days.  But since I’m going out of town in a week to behold my newborn niece (that is, she will be newborn by the time I get there), I can’t afford to bring germs with me.  It’s not that I even feel that ill (just a sore throat, almost like laryngitis), but I can’t/just don’t want to take any risks.  Plus, the intangible inner ear itch is extremely annoying.

Today was a festival at my parish church.  I was surprised by how many people I know and how many people know me.  I felt very much like I was a part of the family–which is the point, after all.  As I putted along with my iced tea in hand, I was reflecting on how distant I feel from God this past month.  I can tell He is very much present in my life (especially today), but I still get this sad sense within that I am somehow turning my back on Him.  I am in serious need of prayer, reflection. 

Today is the birthday of the church!  It is Pentecost.  It is one of my personal favorite feast days, as we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit.  It is this third person of the Trinity that I am most grateful for lately (not as if I could love any of the whole any less).  When I am sad and needing comfort, it is this Spirit that gives me perseverance.  It is this Spirit that refuses to abandon me, the promise of Christ that He will be with me until the end of times.  It is this very same Spirit that is the reason for Hope, even on the hopeless.

Once again, I implore the Holy Spirit to enter my heart, mind and soul and to provide clarity in my quest for love and truth.


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May 23, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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