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“Be Happy, I’m Happy”

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I was reading up on the upcoming beatification of Chiara-Luce Badano, a young girl who died of bone cancer in 1990.  She was so devout and so full of life, it’s hard even today not to be inspired by her.  She would often repeat during her pain and illness, “If this is what you want, Jesus, then so do I.”   And as she was dying, her last words to her mother were, “be happy, for I’m happy.”

Bl. Chiara-Luce Badano

Today, I met an inspirational Texan woman.  She’s the board president of where I work and I knew her name, but today, I got to know her story.  Like me, she lost her mother at a very young age and was raised by a single dad.  Her maternal grandparents never set foot in her house proceeding her mother’s death (much like mine).  She was poor, like me.  But she fought her way up, attended Rice, has a beautiful and gifted family, and lives in Houston now.  She mentors young girls in Houston and has such a wonderful relationship with each one of them, even long after they’ve graduated high school.   This is the path I want to take. 

I had been discussing with several friends about mentoring recently.  I just can’t seem to figure out which age I want to work with.  I’m seriously considering adoption (for later, obviously, married or unmarried) and I have a dream of adopting an older child–problems and all.  I think my own life experiences and hardships that I’ve prevailed over allow me to offer a very unique bond with kids who are going through the same.  But before I dive into fostering/adoption, I’m thinking that mentoring is definitely a way to get my feet wet to explore the reality of this passion.  Now to decide where. . .at a local school or at a nonprofit, like Big Brothers Big Sisters or something.  I’m open to suggestions.

Back to packing and keeping myself busy so my heart can heal.


Written by Written Straw

April 22, 2010 at 7:47 pm

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